Wednesday, 07 November 2018 12:00

'Good' Result For FFC Yorkshire and East Midlands!

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Staff in our Yorkshire and East Midlands region were celebrating recently after the latest Ofsted inspection judged the service to be 'Good' overall, and highlighted many areas of first class practice especially in terms of children's wellbeing and support for foster carers and families.

We were especially pleased to read how many of our agency’s core values are being translated into good quality services delivered ‘on the ground’ to children and foster carers, for example:

  • “Many children and young people are thriving in long term, stable and nurturing placements where they have developed close bonds with their carers”
  • “Healthcare planning is excellent. Children and young people are supported to achieve improved physical and emotional health”
  • “The agency carefully considers the needs of each child and person placed and their compatibility with prospective fostering households”
  • “Children and young people are well matched to their fostering families and many of them benefit from long-term placements”
  • “The agency has in-house therapeutic support from a clinician who is able to offer consultation to carers”
  • “Foster carers, children and young people have regular opportunities to meet up with other fostering families”
  • “The agency provides comprehensive supervision and support to carers to ensure that carers learn from incidents and to provide guidance on managing future behaviour.”
  • “Social Workers visit fostering households frequently and see children and young people regularly.”
  • “The manager demonstrated a passion for improving outcomes for children and young people placed with the agency carers”
  • “Supervising social workers provide a high level of support to carers”

We are delighted that Ofsted has found our agency to be of a 'Good' standard, and we will as ever work hard to address the few recommendations made in this recent report. The team is looking forward to continuing to develop and improve our services to foster families in the Yorkshire and East Midlands region.

Well done to all our foster carers and staff. If you are interested to read the full report you can download it from the Documents Library section on our website. It makes very ‘Good’ reading!